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Client Support Professionals

Client Support Professionals (CSP) are the main focus of QCommunications,LLC.  

The goal for CSPs is success. Q Communications, LLC works hard at providing the necessary tools to make employees a successful home-based agent in the network. QCommunications,LLC we will provide employees guidance and leadership to assist  throughout the entire hiring process, as well as throughout your career. 


QCommunications,LLC was founded by Quatisha Mays, after many years of in the customer service industry and working for someone else, She wanted take control of her career and manage her own time. She was given the opportunity to partner with Arise Virtual Solutions and she has not looked back .


Using  the Arise platform many top companies and highly recognized Fortune 500s outsource their call volume through this company. QCommuincations,LLC is proud to have top performing, loyal and reliable CSPs on the team. The main goal for QCommunications,LLC is to contract people who are interested in providing the services of handling incoming sales, customer service, technical support and sometimes chat/email volumes.


QCommunications, LLC, does not choose the client that employees  work for. Employees have complete control in this industry. Employees choose the client that he or she wishes to work for. Once certification is complete employees will  then choose the hours in which he or she chooses  to work! There is no invoicing stress that employees will have to deal with. The system’s software knows exactly when employees are working. Together, QCommunications,LLC will help employees  achieve ,succeed and take control of their career.  


Invest in yourself and start your flexible career with QCommunications, LLC today. 



Quatisha L. Mays, CEO