• I am already a CSP with Arise, how can I join Q Comminucations, LLC?

If you are already an existing CSP, you may join our amazing company by inputting 90584 in the IB ID after you select to join a path and choose to join an existing business. If you have any issues at all, please feel free to contact us at hr@qcommunicationsllc.com or schedule a call.


  • If you are currently partnered with an IBO, you must request to be released from that IBO before you may move to another IBO.  You may want to check any contracts, SOWs or policies and procedures that your current IBO and you may have.

We are willing to assist you with any questions regardless of your IBO or CPS status.


  • Am I an employee?

No, at the end of the year for tax purpose you will be sent a 1099-Misc form.  Keep in mind you will be responsible for keeping track and paying your taxes.  You are your own boss!


  • How long is certification?

Client certification can last between 2-4 weeks long and is normally 2-4 hours, Monday-Friday with both morning and evening classes offered in a virtual online class that is led by a certified instructor. The certification is considered non-compensated, however, some clients will offer a sign on bonus. These certification certifications are created to ensure that you perform well in your career.


  • What are the fees?

For each Client Certification that you attend, there is a certification cost for the class.  Do not let this scare you because  Q Communications, LLC  will assist you each step of the way!  This is the first step to taking control of your freedom and creating a flexible schedule everyone wishes they had but not many of them actually have it!   This is an independent contracting position and you must be willing to make an investment in yourself financially as well as certification class time. Q Communications charges $60.00 per pay period which is cheaper than taxes being withheld from your payroll check for Enrollment Support, Partner Support, Technical Support, Admissions Support, and Administration Support.  Fees can be written on your taxes as a business expense. ( Please seek advice from your tax accountant on business expenses and write-offs.)  These fees are not due until you start earning revenue. We do reward our top performing CSPs each month with excellent Commitment Adherence!


  • Who are the clients I can work for?

Due to non-disclosure agreements, Q Communications is unable to list the specific clients until you have started the admissions process.  However, these clients are top named Fortune 500 clients that include but not limited to Cruise Lines, Amusement Parks, Retail Stores, Computer Retailers, Cell Phone Providers, and much more!


  • Can I use Wi-Fi?

Due to the non-secured connection of the wireless network, it is not supported during the admissions process or while servicing clients. Clients do require a direct wire during service. You will receive more information once you have become a Client Service Professional (CSP.)


  • How often am I paid and how?

Direct Deposit is the only method. Your checks will be directly deposited on a bi-monthly basis. All clients will offer a pay per hour guarantee and some clients will offer you a per hour or pay per minute earning. When both are offered, the greater of the two will be received by you. Additional client incentives are offered. Many CSPs will earn between $9- $12 an hour. Also, keep in mind that some clients will also pay bonuses and certification bonuses based on your performance! Keep your mind on your money!


  • Why do I have to get a background check?

You will be dealing with the customer’s confidential information such as home address, names, phone numbers and credit card information. In order to be secure Client Support Professionals, you must pass the background check. Each client requires that their Client Support Professionals do not have any felony charges.


  • Are there any military discounts?

This discount is only available for new CSPs.  If you are military, please let us know so we can get the proper documentation submitted for your reduced class costs!


  • How old do I have to be?

You must be 18 years of age and be living in the United States.


  • Already registered and locked out of your account?

Email Arise at registration@registration.arise.com using this format:

Full Name, Full Mailing Address, Email Address, Current Phone Number, Previous Phone Number,

Date of Birth, Assistance Being Request: (such unable to access my account)







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